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Our Process

How We Do It

It starts with a sketch…. good ideas often do.

If you have a technical drawing already, combine it with a short note about the application and send us an email info@avintos.ch

We will return a proposal with a price estimate and lead time accordingly.


We prepared a simple inquiry form.

It reminds you of the details which allow us to send you a technical drawing with the list of components included



It might need one or more revisions. However in any case we have the ambition to respond within 3 days. Considering our central design space you will get a quote even earlier.

Flexibility in manifold design enables configurability on a project bases.


ISO 14644-1 classified cleanroom (ISO 7 in operation, 6 at rest)

ISO 9001:2015 quality management system



Double bagged

Custom labelled

Gamma sterilised Vdmax 10-6th


Certificate of Conformance

Meeting USP Class VI 

Most products have validation packages available

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485

About Us

At avintos we have the ambition to become your first choice as a supplier of single use assemblies
From your inquiry through to our delivery. Your need is our motivation.

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